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Heart of Us® is dedicated to the human HEART and its unique ability to exponentially inspire and re-inspire the way we experience life. With the information, science and techniques we have today, every person, business and organization can tune UP their heart and create BIG empowering change.  The heart is so much more than an organ in our body or the referred-to place from which we fall in love and write poetry. The heart is a conduit carrying profound awareness of who we are at a soul level. Acknowledging and developing a committed relationship to the heart brings forth greater intuition, alignment and joy to ones soul journey and life.   Incredibly, the HEART is perfectly designed to usher forward our greatest achievements of self and spirit in any endeavor we choose. At Heart of Us®, we share simple and scientifically proven HeartMath® information and breathing techniques that help open the door to a whole new life experience.  We contribute and share decades of experience in per

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