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Heart of Us® is passionate about equipping coaches with more tools to maintain personal resilience. As a Coach and Director for more than 20 years I know how important personal resilience is when working with kids. I also know the incredible benefit to the team and the level of performance when a coach has emotional and physiological coherence. We offer HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Training for Coaches of all sports and ages. We have various programs, content and commitments available. Please contact us for specific details so we can cater to the needs of your organization. 

Coaches | HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Training
                 Introductory Modules for Coaches new to HeartMath
® - 1.5 hours - Zoom
                 Half to Full Programs, All Modules for Coaches - 1-2 days - Zoom 
                 Ongoing Training and Season Intensives - zoom only | call for details

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One-on-one | coach development programs to help you become your best coach

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