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Invite Heart of Us® to your sports team or organization to upgrade your methodologies, services and member experience. Heart of Us®  Director Dana Burkholder will share her Transformational Sports Programs and powerful tools for success formed by years of learning and research. 

In addition, Dana delivers industry changing HeartMath® Resilience Advantage training modules. Players of any age will be given immediately applicable and effective techniques that will change their inner game and heart connection forever. 

The science of the heart is the new frontier for athletes and teams and will yield results on the field that are both enjoyable and exceptional. The heart and its natural electromagnetic systems will bring forth incredible changes and connections in sports for athletes of all levels. 

Achieving peak performance is the result of learning a skill set that can bring the mind, body and emotions into harmony.  Once the body is working in this state, which HeartMath® calls energetic coordination, more becomes possible and the real fun begins. 

Many transformational models and customer driven methods have started to shift how coaches, teams and clubs operate and design their service model. We are here to help with our Transformational Sports Program which rewires common structures and works with you to strategize and implement a more dynamic way forward. 

As a coach for over 2 decades, Dana intricately understands the skills required to effectively lead a team toward its potential. She has developed multiple programs focusing on improved practices and offers them to teams of any age/level. 

On a final note, in addition to improving performance, we also focus on how the HeartMath® Resilience Advantage program provides important techniques that help individuals with anxiety, depression, mental clarity, increased response time, and physical recovery.


Synergy Solutions - focuses on the higher principals of cohesion and communication and their impact on performance and team synergy.

Develop Contribution - focuses on training athletes in a team setting how to become more aware of their development and contribution and where they are in alignment and where they need to put their attention for leaps in performance. 

Club & Team | Youth, College, Professional 

Heart of Us® Synergy Solutions
Heart of Us
® Develop Contribution
HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Training
      2.5 hours to 2 day options - zoom or in person
      Full Season Intensive - zoom and in person
      Prices Range | Contact us for Details 

We also offer various types of interactive player development
and performance workshops (coming soon)     

We also offer other types of business develop consultation
for Owners and Directors. Click HERE for more details  

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