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Give the heart of your organization a major upgrade with scientifically proven and effective methodologies and technologies. Learn how to invite the intelligence of the heart to inform your team with a greater level of coherence and creativity. New heights are here and it begins in the elevator of the heart. Contact us and start the beat of a new heart rhythm today! 

Learning about the body and how its systems function and regulate is the first step in equipping ones team for success. HeartMath® Breathing Techniques contribute the actionable formula to initiate improved regulation and resilience within the body and also access the hearts intelligence. Once the body is working in what HeartMath® calls energetic coordination more becomes possible and the real fun begins. 

Businesses | HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Training
                    2.5 hours to 3 day Initial Training options available 
                    Ongoing Integration options available 
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Leadership and Business Transformation Intensives | call for details

Coherence Leadership Activation | call for details

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