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Businesses and Leadership Teams

Give the heart of your organization a major upgrade with scientifically proven and effective methodologies and technologies. Learn how to invite the intelligence of the heart to inform your team with a greater level of coherence and creativity. New heights are here and it begins in the elevator of the heart. Contact us and start the beat of a new heart rhythm today! 

Learning about the body and how its systems function and regulate is the first step in equipping ones team for success. HeartMath® Breathing Techniques contribute the actionable formula to initiate improved regulation and resilience within the body and also access the hearts intelligence. Once the body is working in what HeartMath® calls energetic coordination more becomes possible and the real fun begins. 

Business | HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Training
                    2.5 hours to 3 day Initial Training options available 
                    Ongoing Integration options available 
                    Call for details 

Additional Services

Leadership and Business Transformation Intensives | call for details

Coherence Leadership Activation | call for details

In the business sector, Dana helps leaders formulate strategies and onboard tools that improve resonance throughout their organization and teams. How we approach, structure and design our business environment is the biggest factor in creating a positive employee and customer experience.

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