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In our heart and soul, we want to grow. We are seeds unto ourself and we all want to bloom and flower. 

Every child demonstrates an unabashed desire for adventure, for life, and learning when they explore the world around them.

At Heart of Us® our goal is to work with youth in such a way that they become explorers and begin to know themselves more genuinely and with more generosity. 

Regardless of age, our essence remains one of PLAY and connecting youth and young adults to their own incredible gifts and skills is our passion. The goal is to begin to inspire self-initiated creatorship and playful, heart-centered development and evolution in life.

As adults we often wish things had been different growing up. Not because we didn't have challenges and enjoy them, but because we weren't taught to connect with our true self and nurture its true passions and inclinations. 

Often times it just takes simple guidance and the right environment to shift a life into a heart-centered way of being and expressing. Imagine what our world would look like if youth learned the incredible skills of self-awareness, self-initiated development and could apply that to shaping their own purpose-driven contributions. Imagine the enthusiasm of our young adults entering the world if intrinsically motivated and connected to the things that matter most to them and their community. 

When we work with youth from ages 9-18 and young adults from 19-30 we connect, we guide, and we inspire application and integration. 

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