Dana Burkholder is a HeartMath® Resilience Advantage Certified Trainer and a long-time Director, Coach and Athlete. Dana most recently co-owned and Directed Forza1 Volleyball Club in Southern California. 

Dana has been working successfully with athletes for more than two decades and she is passionate about re-designing the eco-system of sports teams and organizations. She is experienced and skilled in the nuisances of player and team development and is an expert in creating an enhanced customer experience.

Dana has greatly diversified her approach to sports and business by studying other fields of information and is helping organizations transform their traditional concepts of development and enhance their operational intentions. 

As we go further into the modern age, new methodologies, operational models and more holistic development principals will be at the forefront of successful organizations. For this reason Dana has developed a unique model and tool kit that she brings directly to teams and businesses.

Dana is passionate about the role sports, coaches and athletes will play in the emerging global and social future and her goal is to contribute heart awareness and education to this community now. Dana sees tremendous value in bringing HeartMath® Resilience Advantage training and more to this important and growing arena.

Dana's skill set is wide ranging having experience in business and organizational management as well as athletics at the youth, collegiate, and international level. Dana is currently working with youth, collegiate, and professional sports teams and athletes. She also works with Athletic Departments and Athletic Trainers. See our services page and contact us for more specifics. 

In the business sector, Dana helps leaders formulate strategies and onboard tools that improve resonance throughout their organization and teams. How we approach, structure and design our business environment is the biggest factor in creating a positive employee and customer experience.

Dana is a dynamic presenter who easily connects to her audience with intelligence and enthusiasm. Her intention is always to give customers an experience that changes their heart and opens them up to present and achievable possibilities. 

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